Open Chest Studio is a small home-based business creating one-of-a-kind artistic pieces. Most work is created by the artist’s whim but many are also commission-based and made to order. Whether you are looking for something to frame, something unique to shelf-sit (or garden-sit), something to wear or something to squish – your desires could be met here at Open Chest Studio.

Amie Fournier-Flather is the little artist with a long name. She has many varied interests but loves to create things. She is a multi-media artist in a very true sense as there are many various forms of “media” she will use to her advantage. Whether it is a traditionally drawn piece of art to one computer-generated. She can do it. Repairing and repainting statuary is one of her favorite things to do. She also enjoys using a hook and string to make a variety of things.

Do you have an idea and want to see it come to life? Ask Amie. If she has the chops to make it happen, she will do so. If she doesn’t, she will honestly say so and can probably match you with someone who can. She has a lot of interesting contacts.

The blog will be updated on a fairly regular basis. You’ll see there are a few categories: Thoughts, Meditation Monday, Freebie Friday, and Words from the Wise. This is Amie’s place to expand another side of her talents. The Studio is where the hands and Spirit connect and the blog is where Spirit leads the mind (and the hands as they type).

Meditation Monday will be updated on Mondays with something to meditate or think on. This does not necessarily mean there will be a guided meditation or hints on how to do so here as Amie believes that meditation can be equal to rumination.

Freebie Friday will be updated when Amie feels like giving away something or happens upon some cool thing for free and wants to share with you.

Words from the Wise doesn’t mean that Amie, in particular, believes she is wise. She is no dummy and is many times a wiseass, but this section will pertain to something she has learned either recently or an accumulation of teachings and then she shares this learned wisdom with you.

Thoughts is just that – random word salads of thought streams that Amie writes at any given time that is not particularly updated on specific days but instead is as randomly updated as the thought streams can sometimes be.