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I’m trying to continue writing whatever meditative style ruminations may filter through my mind. I try to release them on Mondays thereby the sections entitled “Meditation Monday”. However, meditation and migraines don’t mix. It is not pleasant and difficult to achieve. kudos to you if you have been able to do so. I don’t believe you’re having a real migraine if you say you can. I’m a skeptic like that. Unless it is an ocular migraine and then those are just really weird but not necessarily painful. I also know an awful lot of people who confuse migraines with really bad headaches.

They are not really bad headaches.

Repeat: NOT really bad headaches.

So even though it is now Tuesday, I am feeling better after a bout of something last week and the culminating migraine from Sunday that carried into Monday, I am back and feeling better. So I thought I’d blog for a moment because I am trying to make this a habit. Whether or not it is a good habit is anyone’s guess.

And I didn’t meditate or ruminate about anything yesterday because it was physically and mentally impossible to do so. It was all I could do to actually accomplish the things I did: some light housework, a shower, dental check-up appointment, errands ran that I didn’t get done last week, and grocery shopping. Exciting, huh?

And today it’s life back to normal. Or abnormal but mostly mundanely almost insanely normal.

Unless you don’t consider starting off your day with tarot readings as normal but that’s your problem, not mine. 😀

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