Typical Teddy Part 2

This took a bit but I promise it was worth the wait – here is the second half (and the bigger half) of the teddy bear instructions! It was slightly delayed due to life – that stinking life sure likes to get in the way at the worst possible times, doesn’t it?

Here’s also a little reminder of the items I used to create this teddy and an updated list of the stitches used in this pattern. I do hope you enjoy making a lovable teddy for yourself or someone else! If you have any questions or problems with the pattern, please do not hesitate to ask!

Items needed:
Bernat blanket yarn – 2 colors: Mink (Main Color/MC) and Almond (Coordinating Color/CC)
Scrap yarn for embroidering nose and mouth (I used Caron Simply Soft in Chocolate.)
2 safety eyes (14mm)
Size I-9 hook (5.5mm)
Stuffing fiber
Stitch markers
Yarn needle

Stitches – US terminology:
St – stitch
Slst – slip stitch
Yo – yarn over
FO – finish off
Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Hdc – half double crochet
Dc – double crochet
BLO – back loop only
Inc – increase: 2sc in one stitch
Dec – decrease stitch/invisible decrease: insert hook into front loops only of next 2 stitches, yo, pull through 2 loops on hook, yo, pull through final 2 loops on hook. Counts as 1 sc.
Sctog – single crochet 2 together: Insert hook in first stitch (st). Yarn over (YO), draw up a loop (lp), 2 lps on hook. Insert hook in next st, YO, draw up a lp. 3 lps on hook. YO, draw yarn through all three lps on hook.
LDCtog – linked double crochet together (all in the same stitch hole): THIS is a really good explanation on how to do this!
*directions*_x – follow the stitch directions within the asterisks by the number of times (_x)

Head (using MC):
1. Magic ring with 8 sc; pull tight.head base
2. Inc around. (16 sc)
3. *sc; inc* around. (24 sc)
4. *2 sc; inc* around. (32 sc)
5. Sc; *inc; 3 sc* 7x; inc; 2 sc. (40 sc)
6. *4 sc; inc* around. (48 sc)
7. 2 sc; *inc; 5 sc* 7x; inc; 3 sc. (56 sc)
8. -10. Sc around. (56 sc)
11. *5 sc; dec* around. (48 sc)
12. Sc; *dec; 4 sc* 7x; dec; 3 sc. (40 sc)
13. *3 sc; dec* around. (32 sc)
14. Sc; *dec; 2 sc* 7x; dec; sc. (24 sc)
Stuff head. Continue adding bits of stuffing after next rounds if needed to keep the head shape.
15. *sc; dec* around. (16 sc)
16. Dec around. (8 sc)
FO leaving a long tail. Use tail to catch up loops from last round and pull tight to close the hole. Secure firmly and tuck tail inside the head to remove it from view. Your head should appear like a slightly flattened ball shape.

Face (using CC):teddy face
1. Magic ring with 8 sc. Pull tight.
2. Inc around. (16 sc)
3. *sc; inc* around. (24 sc)
4. Sc; *inc; 2 sc* 7x; inc; sc. (32 sc)
5. *3 sc; inc* around. (40 sc)
6. *4 sc; inc* 3x; 2 sc; 2 hdc; 3 LDCtog; hdc; 6 sc; hdc; 3 LDCtog; 2 hdc; 2 sc; inc; 4 sc; inc; sc.
Slst and FO leaving a really long tail to attach the face to the head.
Place safety eyes at the base of each 3LDCtog. Embroider on a nose and any other facial details. You can even do eyelashes for a girly teddy! Give your teddy character!

teddy head parts

Now it’s time to make your teddy’s head by sewing together the components of ears, face and head base. Simply place the face on the flatter side of the head base and then stitch into place going all the way around the face and securing it well to the head base. Next, hold the ears up to the head in different areas until you find where you like the placement. I placed mine so the center of the ear was diagonally aligned to the eye on each respective side.

teddy head

Body (using MC):
Continuing from the Legs instructions:
17. Sctog connecting the legs with this st by using the first half of the stitch on one leg and the second half of the stitch on the other leg so that upon completion of the stitch the two legs are joined together at this point. This will now be the starting point for each round.
18. Starting in next st, 22 sc; sctog; 22sc
19. *inc; 22sc* repreat. (48 sc)
20. 11 sc; inc; 3 sc; inc; 14 sc; inc; 3 sc; inc; 11 sc.teddy tail
21. *inc; 24sc* repeat.
22. *12 sc; inc; 6sc; inc* repeat; 12 sc. (56 sc)
23. Inc; 9sc; inc; *17 sc; inc* repeat; 9sc. (60 sc)
24. -25. Sc around. (60 sc)
26. *dec; 8sc* 6x. (54 sc)
27. Sc around. (54 sc)
28. *dec; 7sc* 6x. (48 sc)
29. 3sc *dec; 6sc* 5x; dec; 3sc. (42 sc)
30. *dec; 5sc* 6x. (36 sc)
31. Sc around. (36 sc)
Stitch tail into place and then begin to stuff body. Make sure stuffing is firm but not bulging the feet and the belly area is as firm or squishable as you want it. I usually go for a squishable belly. Continue adding stuffing as you crochet more making sure there’s a good amount in the neck area to help eliminate making the head too floppy.
32. *dec; 4sc* 6x. (30 sc)
33. Sc; dec *3sc; dec* 5x; 2sc. (24 sc)
34. Sc around. (24 sc)
35. *dec; 2sc* 6x. (18 sc)
FO leaving a very long tail. Attach arms to the body then sew head onto the body using the long tail you just created from round 35.

Ta-da! Teddy complete!

teddy completed

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